Shaquille O’Neal’s Kids ‘Don’t Understand’ Why He Won’t Share $400M Fortune With Them

Shaquille O’Neal is valued at more than 500 million dollars, yet he refuses to provide cash to his six children, who he acknowledges is unhappy. Even when it pertains to his six children, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal trusts in working hard. The NBA Hall of Famer noted during an appearance on the Earn Your Leisure podcast that his kids do not receive a free pass simply because their dad is affluent and renowned.

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“My children have grown up. They were irritated with me. In an interview with The New York Post, O’Neal, who stepped down his superstar status, remarked, “They don’t comprehend.” “O’Neal informs them all the time,” says the author. O’Neal says the money is not for the family, it’s his. O’Neal’s net worth is reported to be in the billions of dollars.

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He’s a pundit on TNT’s Within the NBA now that his professional days are gone, and he has a reputed 50 different sponsorship deals, notably Gold Bond, Reebok, Pepsi, and The General. There are also several US-based restaurants, including Papa John’s, Big Chicken, and Shaquille’s. The multiple NBA champion then revealed the expectations his children must meet to share in O’Neal’s fortune.

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“You must possess a post-graduate diploma or a bachelor’s, and if you want me to join one of your firms, you have to offer it to me, boom boom,” he continued. He insists, he is not going to give them anything. While O’Neal recognizes his children’s business energy, he expects them to “find it out” on their own. O’Neal declares that education is the only rule. He does not mind if you are a basketball player. He is unconcerned about any of it.

He proceeds to explain that he has six children and that he is looking for a hedge fund manager, physician, attorney, and scientist with many businesses, as well as someone to take over his company. He will not, however, hand away the business to them; they must work for it. In an appearance with The Washington Post in September, O’Neal, who grew up underprivileged in Newark, New Jersey, spoke up about his modest beginnings.

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He said he started from scratch. He continues to add that, However, only because he built it doesn’t imply he is larger, wiser, or superior to you. Just because he has extra money doesn’t mean he is superior.” He continues to add that, he has never been like that and he will never be that way.